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At Add Romance, we love the planning process of romantic dates, getaways, marriage proposals, wedding anniversaries and more.

We  acquired Add Romance Travel in March 2016. http://addromancetravel.com/

We are focused on the improvement of our vendor relationships, our long-term goal is to add romantic features to your travel all around the globe.

Add Romance provides flower delivery, gift selection assistance and many other services to help ladies and gentlemen with romantic gestures as small as planning a picnic on the perfect day or as grand as an exotic romantic destination.

Add Romance today so you may enjoy your tomorrows together. Call 1-855-215-3283 and ask a friendly Add Romance Consultant for assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions...


How does Add Romance work?


  • Add Romance is a user friendly site used to create romantic and unforgettable moments. You can easily make your reservation request online and an Add Romance Consultant will contact you within 24 hours or you can call us directly at 1-855-215-3283. Make sure you have all the important information needed to create your romantic moments and five to ten minutes of your time to spare.
  • Let us give you an example of how our services work: Tom, while driving home from a long day of work suddenly realizes today is his wife's birthday! He realizes he has not given her anything and does not want to disappoint her, luckily he remembers to call Add Romance before he makes it home. After a short call to us, an Add Romance consultant reserved a table for candlelight dinner at her favorite restaurant, a jazz event reservation and a limousine for their travel on this special occasion.


What locations can I use for Add Romance?

  • Add Romance services can be used in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


How old do I have to be to use Add Romance?

  • Add Romance abides by all states laws. In most states you must be 18 years of age or older to make reservations.


How much time in advance do I need to make my romantic reservations?

  • The advance time needed to make an Add Romance reservation depends on your location, services requested and time of the year. For instance, some Add Romance reservations such as flower delivery, hotel reservations, dinner reservations can be made on the same day subject to availability. Some days like Valentines Day and other Holidays or Weekends, many vendors are busy so we recommend that you provide advance time for better service.


Do I have to pay up-front for all of my Add Romance Reservations?

  • No! You do not have to pay up-front for certain reservations such as hotel, limousine rides and dinner reservations. However, a credit card or debit card is used to hold certain reservations. Some items such as flower delivery, gift delivery, romantic getaways and cruises payments may need to be paid for when ordered.


Can I cancel my Add Romance reservation?

  • Yes, you can cancel most reservations 24 hours before delivery. Reservations such as cruises and romantic getaways may have different cancellation times without charges, however, that will be depend on your reservations. Please consult your Add Romance Consultant about cancellation times when placing your reservations.


May I receive a refund if I do not like the venue?

  • Please consult an Add Romance Consultant for more information about our policy. The policies vary depending on the services and vendors selected in your area.
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